Natural therapy is an approach under CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). It describes health and healing treatments that are not parts of conventional or Western medicine. Just as there are risks to Western medicine, there are also unwanted side effects to natural therapies.

However, the risks are significantly smaller. With this, it is important that you know about the risks before you start considering any type of natural therapy. Types of natural therapies include homeopathy, osteopathy, iridology, herbal medicine, nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, and Salt Room Therapy.

Salt therapy is also called halotherapy. It is a holistic drug-free therapy that utilizes microparticles of salt to promote healthier skin, sounder sleep, better breathing, and improved endurance. Simply put, it helps alleviate symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions. If you want to know more, here are the frequently asked questions about Salt Room Therapy Australia:

Why salt?
Salt has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Aside from that, it can remove pathogen agents and reduces the oversensitivity of the immune system. Additionally, it has also mucolytic effect, which can loosen excessive mucus and hastening mucociliary transport.

How does it work?
The salt will be grounded into tiny particles with the use of a halogenerator. After being grounded, it will be dispersed into the salt room. While relaxing, you can inhale the salt-enriched air into your lungs – where the greatest healing occurs. The salt typically widens the airways and loosens the mucus, which will start to clear immediately.

What to wear?
It is crucial that you wear comfortable clothing when you join in every session. You can also keep your dry shoes on – if you prefer. However, most salt rooms will provide surgical booties to cover your feet while inside the room.

Will it be cold or hot?
For beginners, they are quite apprehensive because they have no idea about the temperature. You must know that salt rooms are generally kept between 65-70°F. If you get chilly, you can expect the room with blankets.

How many sessions are needed?
If you want to maximize the effect, you need at least five sessions spaced closely together. Most users reported reduced congestion leading to better breathing and sleeping. Many also experienced reduced headaches from sinus pressure. In fact, some even reported decreased inhaler use.

What about the maintenance?
After the initial sessions, it is important that you consider maintenance. This will help you feel better. The maintenance will vary depending on your age and the condition, but when you feel that you need to return, you should not ignore it. Ideally, one or two sessions weekly can maintain a state of wellness.

What to do in the salt room?
When you are in the salt room, you mostly sit back in their super comfortable gravity chairs and breathe deeply. Some establishments play relaxing music or meditation audio. You have to remember that eating and drinking are highly discouraged inside the salt room.


One final thing – the open sessions are typically “quiet zones.” This means that you need to refrain from talking or making unnecessary sounds. If your group reserved the entire room, you might speak as loud as you can.