Floatation therapy is quickly becoming one of the best ways to relax your mind, soul, and body. People all over the world are falling in love with this amazing form of therapy and enjoying how it feels to experience nothingness. Floating in a custom tank with salt water to keep the body buoyant allows users to enjoy the deepest relaxation that they have ever experienced. You will escape gravity and find peace in your mind when you partake in floatation therapy.

Floating Helps Your Mind

Spending time in a floatation tank is one of the best ways to calm a cluttered and uneasy mind. Participants report significant improvements in their stress levels and an increase in endorphins, leaving them feeling happy and unworried. In addition, people who engage in this form of therapy see advances in how quickly they are able to learn and retain new information. Recall is greatly improved, as is the understanding of what they’ve learned.

Body Improvements

If you suffer from physical pain, then floating may be a way for you to escape some of the ailments that bother you. When you are in a floatation tank, your spine has no pressure on it, which allows your body to release the pain and stress held in that area. Any chronic pain conditions will also improve after time in a tank as taking the weight and pressure off your muscles and joints gives them time to relax and to heal.

Athletes greatly benefit from time spent floating as the weightlessness takes all of the pressure off of their muscles. Epsom salts are used in the tank and they are great for helping heal sore muscles. Improved circulation and a decrease in lactic acid are both additional benefits for athletes who spend time in a floatation tank.

Feeding Your Soul

Sometimes even the most creative people need a boost to get their minds back on track and after a bout of sensory deprivation, most people report feeling as though they have clear minds and lots of great ideas. Your brain never fully relaxes even when you are asleep but time spent in sensory deprivation forces your brain to slow down and relax. Time spent floating is also a great time to meditate, with people reporting feeling deeply connected to their emotions and thoughts while meditating during floating sessions. Enjoy the all of these benefits and more when you visit a float tank in Perth.

What was once thought of as fringe science has now made its way into the mainstream. Each day, people experience floating and learn more about the myriad of health benefits that they can enjoy with this therapy. Anyone looking to relax, heal his or her body, and become more creative would benefit from time in a tank.