If you’re one of those people who has been constantly working out to improve their athletic performance, chances are you have heard how steroids work. For instance, Clomiphene Citrate or more commonly known as Clomid is one of the most used body building estrogen in the world, not just to improve muscle mass, but also as a fertility treatment. Not only is it safe, it’s relatively cheap and can be taken orally. This drug

This drug, like many others, didn’t start as the go-to supplement for bodybuilders or athletes. Clomid was first and foremost was initially used as a fertility treatment for females. The drug was FDA approved since the 1970s, and because it was deemed effective, men with fertility issues found it to be extremely helpful too. The drug was first introduced to the US market, but its name quickly spread all throughout the nations, along with another treatment called Nolvadex. Over the years, the drug was considered much more helpful for women in terms of the number of seeking for its aid, but because it was also known to be effective for men, the bodybuilding community was quick to find out about it.
This bodybuilding estrogen works in collaboration with the pituitary gland, which releases hormones that serve as messengers in the body, and when the drug is ingested, the body thinks that the body is low in estrogen, which would trigger the pituitary gland to produce more hormones that would elevate the level of testosterone in the body. Clomid is very effective because it works alongside the body’s organic processes for the testosterone production – meaning, it’s natural or not synthetic.

Aside from the benefits of  AntiEstrogenClomid  when treating fertility issues in both men and women, the drug is also known to have a positive effect on a person’s cholesterol levels. Although evidence showing that this is absolutely true is yet to be found, many have found that the drug does really work. In the same way, estrogen acts as a filter in the liver, which cleanses it out and results in lower cholesterol levels. Another amazing benefit Clomid does is it helps your body to retain or strengthen the muscles you have worked hard to achieve during the cycle. Nitrogen retention is something this drug is known to do, and it aids in protecting the existing tissues you have.
Athletes and bodybuilders’ main purpose in taking steroids is to boost testosterone, specifically anabolic steroids. Although it’s initial use is for fertility treatment, Clomid, in particular, is a great testosterone booster. However, the effects do not really match up to other steroids if you really want to grow muscles, but instead, it’s a great aid in keeping your health in its tip-top shape. This drug is also amazing to lessen water retention in the body. Clomid is great for weight loss because it helps the body to burn fat faster although the results may vary.

Clomiphene also has disadvantages when utilizing it, so it is important to take note of all the side effects that could manifest. Some of these side effects include nausea, vomiting, breast discomfort, diarrhea, flushing, blurred vision, and uterine bleeding for women. This could also lead to even more serious physiological problems such as enlargement of the ovaries, chest pain, seizures, and stroke. Should any of the mild symptoms manifest too frequently, consult your doctor immediately before things get worse.
As part of the Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator family or SERM, this drug is known to be a great protective agent when taking anabolic steroids, but it’s still vital to study whatever you’re going to use for your body.