Douching safe or not

Many of you may have the questions like are woman supposed to douche or not? And also about its safety.The answer to that question is a simple “No”. Douching will surely affect the common bacterial colony that women have in their vagina. The vagina is present at the pelvic region of the body. There is a characteristic moistness in the vaginal region. This moist character helps to keep the harmful bacteria at bay and also helps the useful bacteria to colonize. So disturbing that consensus will definitely cause a series of problems in the woman. And as a matter of fact, douching is not needed also because the vagina cleans itself with the help of those secretions. Douching is the main cause which might lead to yeast infection in the woman’s body.

The Problem of Yeast infection

Yeast is a type of fungus very commonly used for the purpose of breaking and also in the brewery industry. Other than that yeast cause a lot of infection to the human beings too. Fungal infections are very tough to treat for obvious reasons. Fungus and the human beings share the same cellular background that is they are both eukaryotes. So curing the infection takes a lot of time as the medicine has to differentiate between fungus and its host. Most of the fungal problems are easy to treat, however, in a certain condition like pregnancy or when the body is in a compromised condition they might cause deadly actions.

What is Douching?

Douching helps in cleaning the vaginal region of the female body. It is either done with water or with certain fluid like the iodine solution or vinegar etc. the liquid gets inserted in the vaginal region with the help of a tube so that it can clean the area. Douche solutions are commonly present in the markets which are substantiated with antibiotics as well as fragrances. According to the survey of the US health department hey found that most of the woman in the age group of 15-44 years douche. However, it is very much harmful to both pregnant and not-pregnant woman as it will increase the chances of infection in both the condition.

Harms caused by douching

There is a list of problems associated with the douching principle. There are

  1. It increases the chances of the occurrence of the sexually transmitted diseases or STDs, including the HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) causing the disease AIDS.
  2. It can also lead to the inflammatory problem in the pelvic region.
  3. Bacterial Vaginosis- Bacterial vaginosis occurs when the flora and the fauna of the vagina get altered. It might cause some problem like pre-term labor in pregnancy and other birth defects.
  4. Infection with HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) lead to Cervical Cancer, can also occur due to douching.
  5. Chances of Ectopic pregnancy increases.

Relation with pregnancy

Douching and Pregnancy are antagonistic in their behavior. The phenomena of ectopic pregnancy is a very painful and risky condition for a woman. In this case, the embryo gets implanted outside the uterine region. This cause might cause a lot of birth defects. Thus, pregnant or not it is highly suggested not to douche.