If you are someone who exercises regularly or who works a blue collar job, you know how sore you can be at the end of the day. You can experience different types of muscle soreness as well as joint pain. The pain you feel in your muscles is typically called delayed onset muscle soreness; it is the result of tiny tears in your muscles as well as lactic acid build up. Does massage therapy help alleviate that pain and buildup?

Massage Therapy

A massage therapy company in East Grinstead can help alleviate your delayed onset muscle soreness as well as your joint pain.

  • Massage helps to alleviate pain because it increases blood flow to your muscles.
  • Increased blood flow will help flush out lactic acid that has built up over time.
  • Increased blood flow also helps deliver protein and other muscle builders to the site of the pain.
  • Massage therapy can also help relax the muscles and joints.

Relaxing the Muscles

Relaxing the muscles and joints will help alleviate pain since a lot of pain comes from muscle tightness. If the muscles are loose and relaxed, they will not clench as much. Less clenching means they will be less painful.

Furthermore, massage therapy can help realign your joints and tendons. A lot of different types of pain come from bones and muscles that are simply misaligned. Aligning them properly will help reduce such pain. That is one of the many ways that massage therapy can help. It has been proven to be an effective solution for many different types of pain you might experience.