Benzodiazepine family of sedative drugs has too many members to count, but doctors are still searching for the ideal combination of high effectiveness and low toxicity.

Sedatives are among the most commonly used medications, prescribed for a variety of conditions ranging from common stress to serious psychological disorders. However, they must be used very carefully if the patient wants to avoid feeling drowsy throughout the day or suffer from physical symptoms. Traditional benzodiazepines are known to have residual effects the day after, but some of the new drugs such as etizolam are much different in this regard. The best evidence of etizolam’s value is its presence at all relevant online stores that offer innovative medications, such as and many similar sites. Given its newfound prevalence, it may be a good idea to learn a bit more about this substance and understand its primary benefits.

How is etizolam different from other sedatives?

Instead of a benzene ring, etizolam features a thiophene ring, which officially places this compound in the group of tienodiazepines. It has very quick mechanism of action and starts binding within 30 minutes after ingestion, but it also has very short half-life and leaves the system completely after approximately 3 and a half hours. Etizolam is very potent in small doses (around 10 times as much as diazepam), which limits total amount of chemical that enters the body and therefore reduces any physical harm that could be associated with its use. In other words, this medicament is very effective for a wide variety of medical situations and is well tolerated by most patients.

What conditions can be treated with etizolam?

As a full agonist of the benzodiazepine receptor, etizolam is able to interact with all receptor subtypes, which gives it a wide range of applications. In addition to sedative properties, etizolam is also regarded as a powerful hypnotic, as well as a moderately strong anxiolytic. It can be beneficial for various anxiety disorders and is often used for several weeks to combat mild forms of depression, but its main value comes for patients who need help falling asleep. Clinical tests confirmed that etizolam typically induces sleep in a very short time, without any danger of frequent awakenings. Etizolam also acts as a muscle relaxant and skeletal muscle relaxant, which adds to its overall anti-stress impact.

Does etizolam cause any serious health issues?

Etizolam is completely safe and symptom-free when used in proscribed doses, but special caution must be taken not to exceed safe limits. This is a very potent sedative and overdoses can be very dangerous, especially when combined with alcohol or illegal drugs. In very rare cases, prolonged use of etizolam can cause skin lesions or twitching of eyelids. While the substance can cause tolerance and dependence with withdrawal symptoms in case of sudden interruption of therapy, these issues are far less intense than with classic benzodiazepines. This drug is not recommended during pregnancy and can severely affect the ability to drive or perform sensitive tasks.