dark portrait of a man holding his head in despair and having an alcoholic drink

As where the threats of drug and alcohol addiction is increasing day by day, it becomes our utmost duty to eradicate this canker from the community as soon as possible so that we can live our life peacefully. Lots of businesses and educational institutions are playing its part in detecting drug addiction through saliva drug tests so that proper and timely treatment can be provided to them.

But in order to help the patients treat their addiction in a more effective manner, we have to understand the common misconceptions prevailed in the society because of some myths roaming around.

Common Misconceptions about Alcohol & Drug Addiction:

Below are listed some common misconceptions believed by the people in society:

  1. Addiction is lack of willpower, it cannot be a disease:

Diseases are dangerous and so no one wants to talk about that. Some diseases develop over time such as diabetes or asthma while some diseases the body develop inheritance for such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Just like that, addiction is also a disease. People are prone to this disease because of genetics while some even develop with no genetic history. Moreover, lifestyle changes also became a cause of developing this disease. If you stop taking anti-addiction medicines, you have to face the consequences just like the medications of diabetes.

  1. You can control it if you need it badly:

Some people control their addiction really well through willpower and faith but if you can control your addiction that does not mean that millions of other people can also control it the same way. Addiction is actually a disease which lies in the brain’s limbic system which will damage the neurological systems of brain over time. Anti-addiction medicines are required to control this addiction and to keep the brain in complete balance.

  1. If you start using anti-addiction medicines, you are just trading one addiction with another:

The anti-addiction medicines are proven to be non-addictive and safe to use and hence it is totally wrong to say that you are just trading the addiction. These anti-addiction medicines work in such a way in brain that it does not allow the brain to trigger addiction centers, thus controlling addiction. These medicines stand in between the transmitters and neurons so basically these medicines are just blocking the signals from reaching to the addictive centers of brain.