When a person wants heart treatment he or she will look for the top person in the medical field. That is provided they can afford the cost. This is because the top doctors and the best hospitals will cost much.

Things that play an important role

If cost is not a factor in the selection of the surgeon or the hospital, the other things that matter will include the experience of the surgeon and the type of infrastructure that is available. And, the first thing that comes to mind when we say infrastructure is the doctor, the surgeon and the nurses.

Best doctors at the best hospitals

Usually, each hospital will have a complement of 10-15 top doctors other than the visiting specialists. So, if you want to choose from the top10 cardiac surgeons in India you must visit the best heart hospital in India. Most of the best hospitals in India are in the metropolitan areas of the country. This includes Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Agra, and Bangalore among others.

Common heart procedures

One of the most common procedures that is done at the heart hospital is the heart valve replacement surgery. This is the specialized surgery done to correct the abnormalities in the heart valve. This includes conditions such as mitral regurgitation, or aortic stenosis. In the mitral regurgitation, there is abnormal leak of the blood from the left ventricle to the left atrium. In the aortic stenosis, the aortic valve becomes narrow and this restricts the flow of blood.

The other treatment that is commonly performed is the cardiothoracic surgery. The organs inside the thorax or the chest become affected by disease and surgery is performed to rectify them. This is known as the cardiothoracic surgery. The organs include the heart and the lungs. Many other surgeries take place routinely such as the heart transplants, the neonatal heart surgery, and the aneurysm surgery.

Preparation for a heart surgery

If you opt to undergo a surgery to rectify a heart condition, you will need to prepare for it well in advance. You must consult your physician and check the list of medications you are taking and will have to take. He will advise you on the diet you must follow prior from one week prior to surgery.

When you choose the top heart hospital in India, you are likely to meet the top people in the field. You might even meet the most famous cardiologist in India and get an appointment with him or her. It depends on what you are looking for and how urgent is the need for treatment.

Cheap and effective treatment in India

The dependable nature of the hospitals in India has led to an increase of the people from foreign countries who seek medical treatment in India. The cost is cheap, almost one-sixth that of the cost in their country or in any other western country. The support infrastructure is good and the Indians are friendly and outgoing. Due to this, the foreigners feel very comfortable when the take their medical treatment in India.

To recover fully after surgery, you should follow the directions of the surgeon and the physiotherapist. You might have to do some exercises that will help you recover faster. In addition, you must follow the diet that they tell.