Cancer is very dangerous to health. It is a fatal malady which causes death, or one may say that it is a disease which may stay throughout life treatment is not done. It is a cluster of disease which generate abnormal cells that spreads from one sick cell to another healthy cell present near it to make that very next cell vile. Treating cancer immediately is not possible. Moreover, it is essential to know the stage. In case cancer is in its first stage, then it will be easier to treat. However, it is always essential to understand that what the different types of cancer are. Though a cancerous tumor is the indication and before you consider it as a normal one, you must contact to the doctor for that.

What are the different categories incancer?

Different parts inside our body play important role. As cancer takes place from a cell and then tissue, so it can takes place at any particular cell. Experts say that more than 200 types of cancer have been detected till date. However, when it is categorized on the basis of some specific features, then the prime hues of cancer are –

  • Carcinoma – In case beginning of cancer take place from tissue or skin, and then cover internal parts, then it is known as carcinoma. Some common cancers come under this category are lung, skin, colon, ovarian and pancreatic cancers. Male or female must treat whenever they get any indication about that.
  • Sarcoma – This one starts in fat, muscles, bone, cartilage, any connective as well as supportive tissues. Blood vessels are also come in this category. Sarcoma recruits from transformedcells. These are of the mesenchymeorigin. It is of the dissimilar nature to a malevolent tumor instigating fromthe cells which are present in the epithelial and indeed are termed as carcinoma.
  • Leukemia-This is a type of cancer which begins from those tissues which helps in the formation of blood in our body. This includes the bone marrow. This type of cancer leads in the production of an enormous number of abnormal blood cells which enter our blood.Bone marrow cancer comes under this category.
  • Lymphoma and myeloma- These type of cancer initiates in the immune system’s cells. These too begin its formation in the blood cells. Doctors frequently callthis type of cancer as blood cancers. These directly affect the white blood cells which are essential and help our body fight different maladies.
  • CNS cancers– The nervous system is a portion of the body which coordinates the functions of our body by transmitting signals from the brain to different parts of the body and vice versa. The CNS cancer affects the central nervous system of the body.Thesetypes of cancers inaugurates in the central nervous system of the body s such as the tissues present in the brain and spine

However treatments are possible nowadays as in this technology era, medical field is developing and finding out the most convenient way to treat. So, a person must contact to the best cancer hospital in India for the most effective treatment.