If you work out with weights in the gym, chances are you want to build muscle mass and see regular results. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been pumping iron for years, it’s always good to read up on ways to improve your performance, so here we look at how to build muscle fast and see real results regularly.

While you may not be sure about some of the points made here, these are muscle building tips that professional personal trainers will share with you, like world class personal trainer Craig Budgen, so you can rest assured that they’re going to deliver the results you want to see from your workouts.

Keep It to an Hour Maximum

You don’t want to exceed an hour with your workouts, though it’s okay to do an hour of weights and follow that up with a short spell of light cardiovascular exercise if you want a toned look. If you’re looking at gaining bulk muscle mass rather than lean muscle, avoid the post-workout cardio session and eat as soon as you can. You should increase the carbs in your post-workout meal and look at buying a mass gainer product from a leading supplement brand.

Eat the Right Foods at the Right Times

Diet is crucially important if you’re to build muscle mass fast, which means you need to eat the right foods at the right times. The best way to build muscle without increasing your fat composition is to eat 5 to 6 times a day at 2 to 3-hour intervals. Eat as soon as you wake up to break the overnight fast and make your last meal/snack before bed something with protein from milk, as this is excellent for building muscle while sleeping. Something like an unflavoured Greek or pot-set yoghurt is great.

Most Supplements Won’t Deliver Real Results

Although mass gainers have just been mentioned and you need a quality whey protein supplement from a leading brand if you’re to build muscle, most supplements are to be avoided as they won’t deliver real results. Opinions differ on this, but if you’re lifting heavy, eating right and drink a whey protein shake before and after your workouts, that’s all that you need to build muscle fast. If you’re looking for a little help in the gym and want a bit more energy, creatine is a good supplement.

Change Reps Regularly

Changing your reps regularly keeps your body guessing, builds muscle faster and prevents you from plateauing. You need to make your body adapt to the new stress you’re causing it, which is how you build muscle.


Sleep is essential and the more you sleep the better! Sleeping an extra half an hour a day will make a noticeable difference and provide you with more energy to hit the weights hard.

In addition to these tips that will see you building muscle mass fast, make sure you book regular sessions with a qualified personal trainer. Working out with a trainer provides the motivation to work out harder, ensures you’re using the correct form and maximises your time spent in the gym.