Every day we see deaths and a new life being born. This is a symbolic representation of the power of nature and its restoring order to maintaining the balance in the world. If this was not possible then the world would be in utter chaos. That is why even after years of evolution we humans still remain the most dominant species in this world. Where is the balance if humans are the dominant species in the world over other? Humans have become supreme in terms of natural selection but just like how nature selected and wiped out the dinosaurs, the mammoth, and the saber tooth tiger, we will have our time in extinction. Then there will be an ongoing plea for the preservation of humans by more advanced organisms due to us being on the verge of extinction.

Having said that and understood the facts of evolution and its power, let us now have a brief look into what our human bodies are not capable of overcoming. We may have become the only species in the world to be reigning supreme over the other species but our bodies are still a big mystery to us. There are still many biological problems within the realm of the capability of the human brain that we cannot still comprehend or solve, one of which is prostate cancer and other such sever human conditions.

Mysteries Of The Homosapien

Such a very severe thing as prostate cancer is not something to be taken lightly. The prostate is a small walnut-sized gland that produces the seminal fluid that helps the easy passage of the semen to the penis from the testicles. The abnormality in the growth of these prostate cells leads to it spreading to other areas and causing various problems in the long if left unattended to. Sometimes symptoms will not at all present itself at all but irritations and burning feeling while urination is common with this disease. It can also cause other problems like disorientation and loss of appetite, which suggests a more advanced nature of the cancer. Prostate cancer can also cause erection problems and there are countless men looking for a solution on forums such as this.


Ideally, when some of the very rare symptoms presents itself we must take the necessary steps to curb the cancer before it becomes dangerous and spreads all over the body at which point advanced treatments like chemotherapy and surgery are needed to solve the issue forever, with still a subtle chance of a relapse.