Clenbuterol which is a stimulant is also used by bodybuilders, aside from steroids, in getting that bulk and tough look. But other than using the drug to achieve that fine bodybuilder look, the substance is also utilized as a treatment for some ailments such as asthma.

Being aware of Clen’s side effects

Drugs always have side effects and clen is not an exception with that. Clen could cause headaches, sweating, insomnia, hypertension, nervousness, muscular cramps, muscular tremors, and increased appetite. But knowing that the drug provides these undesirable effects, its power is based on how each user is dependent on it. In other words, clen’s side effects work to how sensitive the user is to the drug.

Here’s a quick way to solve the problem!

Using clen to get that tough look is not wrong when you are ultimately accountable to your body. But overlooking the drug’s side effects is a huge No-No in here. Though some are still debating whether the drug is safe or not, just to stay on the solid safe side, the right way to avoid side effects can be done through some of these tips.

o   Do not overdose.

Men only need to devour 140 mcg of Clen each day. As for the women, they should take 100mcg only. When one consumes more than what is prescribed, chances are, disagreeable effects will be experienced. Just to make things simple here, it is best to understand the right dosage and cycle of the drug before gulping it down.

o   Do not stress your heart. 

High dosage of Clen could cause cardiac hypertrophy which is why users need to be vigilant with their intake. This usually happens when a user’s heart is too stressed as too much Clen is consumed. The heart finds loads of Clen burdensome to handle which then causes the problem.

o   Stay hydrated. 

Keep yourself hydrated. It is vital to take glasses of water when having the drug, not only to scatter its effect to your entire body speedily, but to keep you out from muscle cramps as well. Muscle cramps is surely an unpleasant and painful feeling. Workouts could cause that yet Clen is a contribution of it as well.

o   Take clen early in the morning.

Because Clenbuterol is a stimulant, it is necessary to take it in the morning and not at nighttime. This compound could cause insomnia.

o   Indulge with the incremental method.

The incremental method is the safest way to having Clen in your body. Ideally, it is best to take the drug for two weeks straight and stop it for the next two weeks. Starting your dosage low is especially for your first two weeks is good. Right when hopping to the next two weeks of the method, increasing your dosage by 20 mcg must follow. When you are done with your cycle, reducing your dosage should follow next. This method is good especially for beginners as driving directly to large doses of clen for the first two weeks could bring in aching effects to a user’s body.

Of course, the side effects are real and no one is freed from it which is why users are advised to take the stimulant responsibly. With that, lessening the problem could be managed.