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  • Could Etizolam Be The Optimal Solution For Insomnia And Anxiety?
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    Benzodiazepine family of sedative drugs has too many members to count, but doctors are still searching for the ideal combination of high effectiveness and low toxicity. Sedatives are among the most commonly used medications, prescribed for a variety of conditions ranging from common stress to serious psychological disorders. However, they must be used very carefully […]

  • How to Beat That Sluggish Feeling
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    It’s a vicious circle that when you need to do exercise the most it’s when you feel like doing it the least. Getting the energy to exercise is usually the biggest hurdle to people starting a new exercise regime. Obesity has reached unprecedented proportions and globally and nationally people are starting to realise the dangers […]

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Addiction is a Disease
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In the past, many people treated addiction and substance abuse as moral failings, or as failings of someone’s self-control. An addict was often thought of as someone who was too weak to resist his or her urges. That view was offensive and counterproductive, but still, it has managed to persist in some people’s minds. Not […]

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