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  • What Does a Dental Technician Do
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    Most people often tend to confuse dental technicians with dentists. However, the two are very different. The dentist is responsible for writing prescriptions and providing treatment to a patient. A dental technician, on the other hand, is a part of the dental team who’s responsible for making and restoring dental appliances. Simply put, a dental […]

  • My Homemade Natural Toothpaste Secrets
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    Lately my friends have been saying that my teeth look whiter and healthier than ever. Many think that I came into a little money and went for teeth cleaning and whitening procedures. Since I do not have the time to explain to each of them that I did neither of the above, I thought I […]

  • Everything About A Mercury Free Dentist
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    A mercury free, holistic or biological dentist is one who utilizes natural treatment methods and procedures for the purpose of providing dental care. These dentists are different from traditional dentists because they follow a biological or holistic approach to treatment and abstain from using chemical ingredients such as mercury and fluoride. The unique thing about […]

  • Organic Teeth Whitening Treatment – What exactly is the function?
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    Many details about the treatment of organic teethwhitening to get a mouth full of gray areas, the teeth look healthy in the convenience and comfort of your home. Many kinds of conventional approach bleach perfect job even if they have to repeat the offer software for optimal effect. It is also important that you understand […]

  • All about the removal of Wisdom tooth!
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    Wisdom teeth are the last group of molars and there isn’t any more tooth development after wisdom tooth. These teeth can give you lots of pain or cause some hazards. Major problems can be posed by the misalignment, even though they’re healthy. Occasionally it’s possible to experience discomfort even under normal conditions notably during the […]

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